Chucky (Season 1) WEB-DL [Hindi (HQ Dub) & English] 720p Dual Audio x264 | [ALL Episodes!]

If you were a fan of the “Child’s Play” movie franchise then this new extension and carry on of the character and story called “Chucky” is a must see TV watch! As the “Syfy/USA” series is fun, and sharp with fright blood gore fear in a clever and satiric like way. Set in a nice ideal like town of the well to do suburbs with likeable folks, Jake(Zach Wheeler) who’s a bullied gay teen doesn’t have much or many friends to help, however when he buys a vintage good guy doll at a yard sale things change a scary bond is formed! As this little toy carries an evil past spirit wise, in which involves an old serial killer, still “Chucky” has plans to help out Jake. The game plan involves making trouble and a blood like hell life for those who have picked and bullied Jake in life and at school! It’s a mix of characters and modern life involving relationships and really a great origin story. The episode are fun and scary with “Chucky” being an evil sadistic friend till the end!

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